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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

College Football Picks - 2017 Week Five

It's not going well.  Don't ask.
We might just have to start calling our Blog "Listen to what Bulldog Babe says because she's usually right."  Another unbelievable week for our sage from Charlotte while I (that's JR Ewing) can't even pick winners.  Sigh.  We try another week.

So now our weekly take on last week and this week, in five bullets:

1) Florida State has to be the most disappointing team so far.  From Top 3 to out of the Top 25.  The Alabama game was tough, particularly the injury to their starting QB.  Followed by Hurricane Irma disrupting what would have been a couple of weeks to get healthy and get some wins under their belt.  Don't be surprised to see them in the ACC title hunt even after the loss to North Carolina State
2) Still waiting for some impactful Big 10 games.  No, Penn State vs. Iowa doesn't count.  To me, the conference has too many soft matchups compared to the others. Not saying the top isn't just as good as other big conferences.
3) Alabama is still the best team in the SEC and the country.
4) Is this it for Tennessee's Butch Jones if he doesn't win?
5) Texas (1-2) faces almost a must win on the road in Ames, Iowa, on Thursday.  Their next five feature three top 15 teams, plus 2016 Bowl Game winners Kansas State and Baylor as the Big 12 gauntlet is brutal.

Just another 4-1 week, ho hum.
This blog will typically pick the Texas Longhorns and Georgia Bulldogs by default.  Texas plays on Thursday, but after a bye and Georgia plays a huge rivalry game.  So for this week's five games, we give you final scores, so you can do your own ATS and S/U comparison. We go three games before Saturday, and all road favorites.

Our two analysts are J.R. Ewing, Texas Longhorns fan and general loud mouth.  And we feature big time Georgia Bulldog fan Bulldog Babe (BDB) (@bulldogbabexo) as a guest expert.

Last week
JR: 2-3 S/U, 2-3 ATS
BDB: 4-1 S/U, 4-1 ATS

Season to date:
JR: 9-10 S/U, 9-10 ATS
BDB: 12-7 S/U, 14-5 ATS

Both JR and BDB missed North Carolina State's upset (although JR had the cover).  BDB nailed the TCU upset.  Both got the Georgia win and cover, while BDB had Washington and Notre Dame winning and covering, JR only had Washington winning.  She's dominating.  14-5 ATS, are you kidding me????

Spreads are from a great pick site, Capped Sports

Game 1: Texas (-6.5) at Iowa State (Thursday 8:00 p.m. EDT)

JR Ewing:
It's a make or break week for the Longhorns.  With a tough gauntlet of games coming up, the Horns need a win here.  And it will be tough.  They were shut out on their last trip to Ames.  Coming off a competitive loss to Top 5 Southern Cal, they'll need a repeat performance.  Iowa State played Iowa close and has two other easy wins.  Both teams are bowl caliber, but the loser may not be able to scramble for enough wins in the deep Big 12.  All that being said, I think the Longhorns answer the bell and win a tough one going away.  Tight at halftime, easy at the end.
Texas 31, Iowa State 14

Bulldog Babe: 
Texas and Iowa State will be interesting. Texas is a six and a half point favorite over Iowa State, but after their performance over the last three weeks, I’m just not convinced they have their qualities together as a football team. I think Iowa State wins it.
Iowa State 27, Texas 20

Game 2: Miami (-6.5) at Duke (Friday 7:00 p.m. EDT)

JR Ewing:
I used to make a living off picking Duke.  Nobody thinks they are good, but here they are at 4-0.  They welcome the rival Miami Hurricanes, same matchup in Durham that produced a ridiculous (yet not really legal) kick return TD to decide the game two years ago.  I expect Duke to keep it close against the Canes under the lights.  But Miami will be too much in a close one.
Miami 38, Duke 34

Bulldog Babe:
Miami and Duke is personally one of my favorite matchups, two talented teams with a lot of charisma and poise. Duke may be the favorite, but I think Miami is an up and coming team and they will win this time around. 
Miami 20, Duke 14

Game 3: Southern California (-3.5) at Washington State (Friday 10:30 p.m. EDT) 

JR Ewing:
Southern Cal has really only been impressive in their win against Stanford.  The other wins were slogs.  They travel to a bizarre land in eastern Washington.  Where Mike Leach loves to pick off big name teams.  Washington State has earned a Top 20 rank and they blow out a weary Trojan squad at home.
Washington State 42, Southern California 21

Bulldog Babe:
USC and Washington State is another game that has both teams ranked on the AP poll. In my opinion, ranked teams playing each other is always bound for some excitement. I think USC has been a dream team so far, I have them winning.
Southern California 30, Washington State 20

Game 4: Georgia (-7) at Tennessee (3:30 p.m. EDT)

JR Ewing:
I can't wait to see what this Georgia team does next.  Impressive so far this year with wins against ranked Notre Dame and Mississippi State teams.  Tennessee has oodles of talent but keeps underachieving.  They're at home and really really need this game.  Last year they won this game on a hail mary.  After losing a couple of weeks ago on a hail mary.  No hail mary this time.  Georgia is built to win on the road with their running game and QB with nerves of steel.  I do think it will be closer than experts think.
Georgia 31, Tennessee 21

Bulldog Babe:
Georgia & Tennessee, over the last four years, has been a chest bumping match for sure. One bitter rivalry that does not go unnoticed. I honestly think that after seeing how Tennessee has played over the first four weeks, they don’t have what it takes to keep up with Georgia and their improving team. Georgia just has the better weapons, better running game, and better defensive qualities. I think Georgia runs away with the win! 
Georgia 27, Tennessee 14

Game 5: Clemson (-7.5) at Virginia Tech (7:00 p.m. EDT)

JR Ewing:
Virginia Tech under Frank Beamer was renown for being unbeatable at home at night.  Can they recapture that glory under Justin Fuente?  Maybe.  Meanwhile Clemson has that look of a champion.  A tough schedule so far and they haven't flinched.  I think they lose one in the ACC, but not this one.  Virginia Tech gives Clemson all they can handle, but the Tigers, who are used to winning close games, take this one.  Again, under the number.. 
Clemson 24, Virginia Tech 20

Bulldog Babe:
Clemson and Virginia Tech is an AP top 15 matchup, so it’s bound for some excitement. Clemson is undefeated and they have also had a couple of close calls this season, but come out on top each time. Virginia Tech is also undefeated with another strong team for the 2017 season. This will be a back and forth game, I feel like. I have Clemson winning this one, but it will be close. 
Clemson 27, Virginia Tech 24

Enjoy your football Saturday, America!

- JR and BDB

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sportsman of the Week Ending 9/24/2017

Conference play began in college football across the country, and while no games decided the title, many games left teams scrambling to stay in the hunt.  One was #4 Penn State.  With a tricky conference opener at undefeated Iowa, they needed to find a way to escape with a win.  And escape they did.  The game will most be remembered for the Nittany Lions touchdown as the clock struck zero to preserve their Big 10 title hopes.  But it was Saquon Barkley that was the star of the show.  In hostile territory against an aggressive defense, Barkley toted the rock 28 times while catching another 12 passes.  The result?  305 total yards (over 7 yards a play) and a touchdown.  And there were not many holes, he turned 3 yard losses into 5 yard gains, and 5 yard gains into 20 yard bursts.  Hurdling, going through tacklers, getting better as the game went on.  The first big Heisman performance happened, and it was our Sportsman of the Week Saquon Barkley who delivered to shot across the bow.

Friday, September 22, 2017

College Football Picks - 2017 Week Four

Nothing short of a trainwreck last week for JR
It's that time for conference play to hit full stride and there are a lot of great matchups this week.  One thing about conference play is that you have to go on the road for half of 'em.  So teams that have played solely within the friendly confines of their own stadium or a neutral site (e.g. Michigan, Southern Cal, Alabama) will find themselves venturing into hostile territory for the first time.  Teams with one early loss such as preaseason Top 5 Ohio State and Florida State will work to rebuild their resume, as a conference championship for either will likely end up in a playoff berth.

So now our weekly take on last week and this week, in five bullets

1) The SEC game of the week on CBS continues to produce crazy finishes.  You can't script it any better.
2) Nebraska is in a free fall.  It's hard to believe how quickly the program has fallen from elite.
3) The Pac 12 had a high rate of road victories last year in big games.  Will that continue?  Division favorites Southern Cal and Washington will face tough road tests
4) Mississippi State and Georgia appear to be the most likely teams to unseat Alabama in the SEC.  This weekend one will emerge.  I guarantee a Bulldogs win.
5) Oklahoma State and Oklahoma appear to be on a collision course for perhaps a Bedlam game, then rematch one week later in the Big 12 championship game. The Big 12 is deep though, with TCU, West Virginia, Texas (taking USC to the end), Kansas State, as well as Texas Tech and Iowa State looking good early. Because of the round robin of 9 games, maybe the toughest schedule to navigate.
Bulldog Babe just keeps nailing games correctly
And now for our picks.

This blog will typically pick the Texas Longhorns and Georgia Bulldogs by default.  Texas has a bye, but Georgia most certainly is a game of interest.  Last week we only had four games due to the Florida State vs. Miami matchup being rescheduled due to Hurricane Irma.  We might sneak in a six game week later.  So for this week's five games, we give you final scores, so you can do your own ATS and S/U comparison.

Our two analysts are J.R. Ewing, Texas Longhorns fan and general loud mouth.  And we feature big time Georgia Bulldog fan Bulldog Babe (BDB) (@bulldogbabexo) as a guest expert.

Last week
JR: 1-3 S/U, 0-4 ATS
BDB: 2-2 S/U, 3-1 ATS

Season to date:
JR: 7-7 S/U, 7-7 ATS
BDB: 8-6 S/U, 10-4 ATS

Both JR and BDB missed Louisville and LSU winning straight up.  Both got USC correct, with BDB adding a Florida win.  JR was absolutely miserable only getting USC as a winner, but missing the Texas cover

Spreads are from a great pick site, Capped Sports

Game 1: North Carolina State (+12.5) at Florida State (Noon EDT)

JR Ewing:
It's a bit of a slow week in the ACC in terms of ranked teams playing each other.  This matchup is the most intriguing with Florida State having not played since the opening weekend due to Hurricane Irma and having lost their starting QB for the season.  It will be interesting to see if they're rusty.  Meanwhile North Carolina State comes into the game 2-1 having lost to a South Carolina team that might be better than we think.  That being said, Florida State wins this one, but within the spread. 
Florida State 28, North Carolina State 20

Bulldog Babe: 
Honestly NC State and Florida State isn't really a good competition because I think Florida State is the stronger team and they have more charisma than NC State does. Give me the 'Noles in this one.
Florida State 34, North Carolina State 17

Game 2: Texas Christian (+12.5) at Oklahoma State (3:30 EDT) 

JR Ewing:
A big conference matchup early in the Big 12 will help sort out the pecking order.  Oklahoma State's spread offense has looked tough to stop as they rang up 49 points in a half last week at Pittsburgh.  TCU struggled early against SMU, but bounced back for an easy win.  This will be high scoring and closer than the final score indicates, but Oklahoma State wins by two TD. 
Oklahoma State 42, Texas Christian 28

Bulldog Babe:
TCU and Oklahoma State are two great teams, with their own strengths on each side of the ball. TCU dominated last Arkansas and I think that if they keep up their winning ways, they'll be in serious talks to be in the playoffs in my opinion. I think they'll win over OKST.
Texas Christian 30, Oklahoma State 20

Game 3: Mississippi State (+5) at Georgia (7:00 EDT)

JR Ewing:
I might be looking forward to this game more than any this weekend.  Georgia was so impressive with a win on the road using their backup quarterback, now they come home between the hedges to open conference play against a strong opponent.  I was a Mississippi State doubter but they manhandled a good LSU team to win their opener.  This will be a physical matchup of athletes.  Georgia wins by a TD. 
Georgia 28, Mississippi State 21

Bulldog Babe:
Mississippi State and Georgia is gonna be another enjoyable game. Mississippi State is coming off a strong win against LSU and Georgia is coming off a dominant victory against Samford. Although everyone seems to be hyping Mississippi State, I think their offense won't be able to handle the strong Georgia defense, they will get after the quarterback and make sure the offense stays off the field. Give me Georgia in this one! 
Georgia 27, Mississippi State 20

Game 4: Notre Dame (-3) at Michigan State  (8:00 EDT)

JR Ewing:
Notre Dame lost a key game to Georgia earlier in the year, but bounced back well against a mediocre Boston College team to win the next one.  Michigan State is coming off a bafflingly bad 2016 campaign and looks pointed in the right direction.  They always play the Irish tough at home.  I think they win a squeaker. 
Michigan State 31, Notre Dame 30

Bulldog Babe:
Notre Dame came out last week after a tough loss to Georgia and completely ran over Boston College. I think Notre Dame is one serious team and they have the chance to go undefeated, I think they'll steal the win this week. 
Notre Dame 37, Michigan State 20

Game 5: Washington (-11.5) at Colorado (10:00 p.m. EDT)

JR Ewing:
Washington was the playoff team everyone thought shouldn't have been in the playoffs last year.  Part of it due to the late kickoffs that media don't necessarily watch before rubber stamping a Big 10 or SEC team instead. But I digress, this is a rematch of the Pac 12 title game which should be closer than people think.  Colorado can be tough to play at altitude and an improving team.  Washington escapes, but barely. 
Washington 31, Colorado 28

Bulldog Babe:
Washington and Colorado is an interesting matchup. I think after Washington was able to sneak their way into the playoffs last year, they're a force to be reckoned with. Give me the Huskies. 
Washington 31, Colorado 14

BDB and JR want to offer their prayers for the victims of the earthquake in Mexico City and fellow Americans in Puerto Rico who were devastated by Hurricane Maria (as well as others still recovering from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma).  It's hard to celebrate too much these days with people suffering.  You are not forgotten.

Enjoy your football Saturday, America!

- JR and BDB

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sportsman of the Week Ending 9/17/2017

The pennant race is sharpening focus as some of the best teams from 2017 punch their ticket to the playoffs.  One of the teams that made the biggest moves was the Houston Astros, in acquiring Justin Verlander at the postseason roster deadline of August 31.  The former American League MVP and Cy Young Award winner has delivered as advertised, going 3-0 so far in 3 starts.  This week, he went 2-0, with 15 innings pitched, 4 hits, 1 earned run, and 19 strikeouts.  This was against two American League West opponents in Seattle and Los Angeles (Anaheim) in the playoff race.  His victory on Sunday clinched the first division title for the Astros since 2001, beginning what could be a Randy Johnson like postseason run.  It was his home debut.  But Verlander will be in Houston for two more years as long as they are willing to pay his salary.  His performance this week earns the Longhorndave Sportsman of the Week!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

College Football Picks - 2017 Week Three

Texas got a big game, but will they win?
The college football action stepped up a lot in Week 2, with several key matchups and all too early hot takes on coaches, teams, and conferences.  Unfortunately, one of the winners in Week 1 was Hurricane Irma, which derailed a number of games for Florida teams home or away.  Florida State vs Miami was a casualty this week as the game will be moved to October.  Otherwise, we can't wait for a college football weekend that ISN'T interrupted by a Hurricane!

So now our weekly take on last week and this week, in 5 bullets

1) Oklahoma has established itself as a college football playoff favorite.  As the Big 12 has 3 other Top 20 teams (one they would have to play twice), they will have the resume if undefeated, maybe even with a loss.
2) Don't count Ohio State out.  Remember when they lost to Virginia Tech at home and still won a National Championship?  Run the table, win the Big 10, and they're 90% in.
3) Is Georgia the second best SEC team? A true road win at Notre Dame (note that Alabama does not play non-conference games in true road fashion), they seem poised for a SEC East title
4) Clemson faces another tough contest, never count out a champion!
5) USC looks for revenge this week against the Texas Longhorns.  Looks like a mismatch on paper, but how to our expert pick it?

Bulldog Babe hitting 70% against the spread, whaaaattt???
And now for our picks.  This blog will typically pick the Texas Longhorns and Georgia Bulldogs by default.  Last week we skipped Texas due to soft matchup, this week we'll pass on Georgia.  Usually five games but this week we had Florida State vs. Miami queued up before the reschedule.  But for the four games, we give you final scores, so you can do your own ATS and S/U comparison!

Our two analysts are J.R. Ewing, Texas fan and general loud mouth.  And we feature big time Georgia Bulldog fan Bulldog Babe (BDB) (@bulldogbabexo) as a guest expert.

Last week
JR: 3-2 S/U, 3-2 ATS
BDB: 3-2 S/U, 3-2 ATS

First Week:
JR: 6-4 S/U, 7-3 ATS
BDB: 6-4 S/U, 7-3 ATS

JR succeeded with Oklahoma winning, BDB with Georgia.

Spreads are from a great pick site, Capped Sports

Game 1: Tennessee (-4.5) at Florida (3:30 EDT)

JR Ewing:
I had a lot of questions about Florida and none were answered in their season opening loss to Michigan. They did have a lot of suspensions, but still.  With a much needed week washed out by Hurricane Irma, I'm not sure they will be much better.  Tennessee beat a scrappy Georgia Tech team in overtime and looks like it's improving.  I like the Vols on the road, low scoring.

Tennessee 20, Florida 10

Bulldog Babe: 
Tennessee and Florida, the nasty rivalry (in my personal opinion). Tennessee beat Florida last season after over ten years of trying and as much as it kills me to say it, it was impressive. I don't think it'll happen this year. Yes Florida has started off the season on a bad note, but up until last seasons they have always been strong against Tennessee and I think they'll come out on top.

Florida 27, Tennessee 17

Game 2: Louisiana State (-7.5) at Mississippi State (7:00 EDT)

JR Ewing:
LSU looks like a team that could make a deep run through the SEC West.  Which of course goes through Alabama, but the bottom half (of a good division) is ripe for the picking for the Tigers.  Defense and athleticism give this one to the Bayou Bengals.

LSU 28, Mississippi State 10

Bulldog Babe:

LSU and Mississippi State is your typical SEC West battle. Two great teams with a great coaching staff. Both teams are undefeated and have had two great opening games, but there has to be a winne.

LSU 27, Mississippi State 20

Game 3: Clemson (-3) at Louisville  (8:00 EDT)

JR Ewing:
This is a game I circled on my calendar at the start of the year.  Defending national champions (with a new QB, and that's big) vs. the defending National Champions (and a team that looked like playoff contenders until mid-season).  Last years game came down to the very end, with Clemson having last minute magic at home.  This year, it's Louisville that defends home turf with the veteran quarterback.

Louisville 24, Clemson 14

Bulldog Babe:

Clemson and Louisville is another great matchup! The defending champions vs the defending Heisman winner. That's bound for some excitement! Lamar Jackson has proven himself and he was more than deserving to be the Heisman winner last year and I believe he will make another statement against the defending national champions.

Louisville 27, Clemson 21

Game 4: Texas (+15.5) at Southern California (8:30 EDT)

JR Ewing:
My Longhorns took care of USC last time they faced off (resulting in a National Championship), but this time, USC has the much better team.  Texas did look good against a bad San Jose State team after a perplexing Week 1 loss.  USC was also mediocre in Week 1 having to rally to beat Western Michigan. But USC gets its revenge, and it won't be close.

USC 41 Texas 14

Bulldog Babe:

Texas and Southern California is gonna be interesting. USC is undefeated, Texas is 1-1. I think that USC has the stronger team, mainly because of Sam Darnold. So far this season, he has thrown for four touchdowns and has 605 passing yards. While he has four interceptions as well, you can't help but take notice at those touchdown and passing yard stats.

USC 30, Texas 20

BDB and JR want to offer their condolences for the loss of Troy Gentry of the amazing group Montgomery Gentry.  A true loss to country music and the arts. 

Enjoy your football Saturday, America!

- JR and BDB

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sportswoman of the Week Ending 9/10/2017

In a hyper-busy sports week featuring NFL Opening Weekend, the second week of NCAA College Football, and the MLB pennant chase, it's tennis we turn to this week.  If you were talking about American tennis in the past two decades, it was almost exclusively the Williams sisters or maybe Andy Roddick.  Well the United States Open showed that Americans may be back.  Sloane Stephens defeated Venus Williams on the way to winning the Open as an unseeded surprise.  The 24 year-old dropped three sets along the way, but defeated five out of seven matches against ranked opponents, ending with a defeat of 11 seed fellow American Madison Keys dropping just 3 games in the first set.  Is this Stephens break through to elite? Or just a solid week.  Time will tell, but Sloane Stephens is the Longhorndave Sportswoman of the Week!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

College Football Picks - 2017 Week Two

JR is not happy about Week 1
Well week one was full of surprises.  Of the bad kind for teams in my state of Texas.  Longhorns, upset. Aggies, humiliating implosion. Bears, you can't be serious.  But it's still early, and anything is possible.  College Football isn't all about the playoffs only, but also about conference races, rivalries, upsets, and just entertaining games.  I promise the fans of all three above, there will be exhilarating times.  Just not last week.

So what else did we learn week one and what do we look for in Week 2?  Top 5 list (maybe this will be a regular feature)

1) Alabama is still Alabama and the team to beat
2) You can't tell conference strength by a few opening games. Settle down when you start saying "this conference weak because xyz".  It will all play out.
3) Florida State probably had the worst first week. Losing a game they hoped to win, and losing their starting QB.  Hoping he comes back strong (and don't be surprised to see the 'Noles be ACC contenders regardless).  Your QB isn't your team.
4) Oklahoma has the longest winning streak in the country.  After losing to Houston and Ohio State early last year, they've been undefeated. They visit Columbus, Ohio, this week.  Game of the week
5) Prayers for all those who will be impacted by Hurricane Irma.  The state of Florida will need your help, be safe!

Bulldog Babe tells it straight!
But to the picks.  This blog will typically pick the Texas Longhorns and Georgia Bulldogs by default.  Except the Longhorns have their one game against non FBS competition, so we'll defer on that one.  Five great games this week follow.  It's great that the new College Football Playoff has seemed to spice up the non-conference action.

Our two analysts are J.R. Ewing, Texas fan and general loud mouth.  And we continue to feature big time Georgia Bulldog fan (@bulldogbabexo) as a guest expert. Her spunk and personality fit right in on this analysis.

First Week:
JR: 3-2 S/U, 4-1 ATS
BDB: 3-2 S/U, 4-1 ATS

Both missed Maryland and South Carolina wins, but both picked Maryland to cover.

Spreads are from a great pick site, Capped Sports

Game 1: Louisville (-9.5) at North Carolina (Noon EDT)

JR Ewing:
Both of these teams had forgettable week one games.  Louisville barely escaped a bad Purdue team.  North Carolina lost at home to Cal.  So what happens here?  Louisville with reigning Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson takes control.  Even given almost double digits on the spread, they win by more.

Louisville 31, North Carolina 17

Bulldog Babe: 
Louisville at North Carolina will be an interesting game, two ACC teams and we all know about the hype the ACC has been getting since last season. UNC lost against Cal last weekend and Louisville is coming off an opening win against Purdue. Does that mean Louisville will win? Not necessarily. I think UNC will pull this one out.

North Carolina 35, Louisville 27

Game 2: Auburn (+5.5) at Clemson (7:00 EDT)

JR Ewing:
An intriguing game, you have the Clemson Tigers, which are coming off a National Championship, vs. the Auburn Tigers, who seemed to kind of emerge as the next best SEC team last year in a down year for depth. Last year, Auburn took them to the end, but Clemson appeared like the better team just waiting to explode.  This year, they do it more authoritatively.

Clemson 38, Auburn 21

Bulldog Babe:

Auburn at Clemson is gonna be another heavyweight battle just like last year, where Auburn almost prematurely spoiled the Clemson Tigers national title run. I think that Clemson is the stronger team on both sides of the ball and I'm simply not buying into the Auburn hype.

Clemson 20, Auburn 14

Game 3: Georgia (+4) at Notre Dame  (7:30 EDT)

JR Ewing:
An intriguing game to say the least.  You have the young, rebuilding Bulldogs who by most counts are favored to win the SEC East.  And Notre Dame, for which "train wreck" was an understatement last year.  Both had impressive Week 1 wins.  By the spread, Notre Dame is merely favored by home field advantage.  I want to pick Georgia, but with a freshman QB starting in the Mecca of college football, I think Notre Dame wins.

Notre Dame 27, Georgia 14

Bulldog Babe:
Georgia at Notre Dame will be the game of the weekend, in my opinion. While everyone is favoring Notre Dame, I think Georgia comes out on top. Despite everything that went on in week one with Jacob Eason going down with a knee injury, I think the Dawgs will be okay in the hands of Jake Fromm. Georgia wins, 30-20.

Georgia 30, Notre Dame 20

Game 4: Oklahoma (+7.5) at Ohio State (7:30 EDT)

JR Ewing:
Oklahoma is thirsty for revenge after being humiliated at home last year in this same matchup.  Ohio State didn't look overwhelming against a good Indiana team, while Oklahoma dominated a bad Tulsa team.  Oklahoma has a new head coach, and to go into the Horseshoe and win is a tall order.  But I'm playing a hunch here.  Oklahoma wins a barn burner

Oklahoma 31 Ohio State 30

Bulldog Babe:

Oklahoma and Ohio State is a Top 10 battle and I don't think it'll be much of a battle.  Even with Ohio State struggling against Indiana last weekend, you never know what will happen. Ohio State will win a close one.

Ohio State 27, Oklahoma 20

Game 5: Stanford (+6.5) vs Southern California (8:30 EDT)

JR Ewing:
This may be the Pac 12 game of the year, and we're not even half way through September yet.  Road teams tend to do well in this series, and I liked Stanford's opening week performance better than USC.  I smell an upset, especially if you give me points.  I think Stanford methodically finishes off the Trojans for the win.  Straight up.

Stanford 31, Southern Cal 28

Bulldog Babe:
Stanford at USC is an Top 15 battle that is bound for some entertainment. After quite a scare last week for USC, I think the Trojans will show up and beat Stanford. Sam Darnold is a Heisman contender and I think he'll have one of his best games of the year this weekend (don't attack me if i'm wrong hehe). USC wins 24-20.

Southern Cal 24, Stanford 20

Enjoy your college football weekend!

- JR and BDB

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sportsman of the Week Ending 9/3/2017

The 2017 College Football season started with a bang over the long weekend, however the most entertaining game was reserved for Sunday Night.  After a half of Texas A+M looking unstoppable in the running game, suddenly their offense stopped with a 44-10 lead.  And UCLA was just getting started.  Led by NFL prospect Josh Rosen, the Bruins made a record breaking comeback.  Well near record.  Rosen connected on 59% of his 59 passes, for a jaw dropping 491 yards and 4 TD, all in the fourth quarter.  His final 10 yard strike was on a fake spike (although the clock was stopped) with 43 seconds left (and no time outs). Rosen reminded NFL scouts of his huge potential, and left the Aggies with a long flight back to Texas.  And he is the Longhorndave Sportsman of the Week!