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I'm from Houston, a graduate of the University of Texas, a fan of the Houston Astros and Houston Texans. But this blog will be about the "greater sports", whatever that means.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What this blog is...

I've been kicking around the idea of having my own Sports blog for a while, always had "reasons why not". No time. Nobody would read. Too much pressure to come up with content. Phooey, I'm pulling the trigger. While blogs on sports are a dime a dozen, let me tell you why I think mine might be different...

1) You will see from my profile I'm from Houston, big fan of Houston teams. Graduate of the University of Texas. Also like and hate other various teams from around all leagues. However, I'm NOT going to write about one sport, one region, one aspect. For a while I was active on various Longhorn sports boards, loved to listen to local sports radio, etc. Now I feel if I write from that angle, I'm going to come up with very little new. It's just a borrow from here, rephrase from there, nothing added...I'm not that creative!

2) I refuse, REFUSE to take up the media bias that is inherent in sports. In other words, no uber-focus on Tiger, the Yankees, the Red Sox, Kobe, Sid the Kid, free agency, the BCS, King James, the Cowboys, the New York football Giants, the Mets, the Trojans, the Cubs, the Heisman or Barack Obama. That doesn't mean from time to time I won't talk about them, but it gets to the point that every NFL Today broadcast starts with the Cowboys round up, Baseball tonight must have the in depth about what's wrong with the Red Sox, and ESPN College Gameday does a 30 minute roundup of Heisman candidates. In September. Case in point is when Fox broke into the Red Sox game clinching game to discuss A-Rod's free agency move.

3) I will be very critical of TV coverage. I have been sorely disappointed in the direction of TV coverage and will let you know about it. See the A-Rod example above, I remember when Fox was chatting with Eric Byrnes in McCovey Cove without play by play when Ichiro hit the first and only inside the park homer in All Star game history. Last year Fox decided to spend the whole broadcast talking about Halladay's free agency. I tuned in to watch a game, not Byrnes floating around in the cove talking about his dog named Bruin.

4) It's about the numbers, I frequently will cite numbers to support my thoughts. I'm an engineer what do you expect!?

5) I will have a sports bias. There are certain sports I just don't follow as much (anymore). I remember when I was a kid, I would scour the daily newspaper just hoping some sporting event was on TV (before we had cable). Now it's a matter of which sport I want, so I no longer watch tennis or college basketball (gasp) just because it is on.

So sit back and expect to see a fans fan blog. I want to talk about how the fan interacts with sports. How the media skews what fans interpret. I hope to be evenhanded and fair to all in the sports world, we shall see!

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