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I'm from Houston, a graduate of the University of Texas, a fan of the Houston Astros and Houston Texans. But this blog will be about the "greater sports", whatever that means.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Status

Contrary to popular belief, this blog is not dead. I'm just a busy guy who waits for inspiration to flow my thoughts. Why this is not good for enticing and retaining regular readers I apologize. I do, however, promise semi-regular (some might say semi-annual) thoughts to come. I still owe the crowd the top 40% of pro sports franchises, some thoughts on NFL and MLB playoffs, and maybe some NHL discussion. And perhaps a blog explaining why I will not watch one minute of NBA action this year (**cough** waste of time **cough**).

I appreciate your patience!

1 comment:

  1. Just tossing some inspiration out there...
    - Your thoughts on BCS vs playoffs (in light of the new book Death to the BCS).
    - When can we expect your next drinking post @ theferm.org?
    - How to make it through the football season when your team sucks.

    -Patient Blog Follower via RSS