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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sportsman of the Week Ending 3/8/2015

The World is tuned into one of the great international sports World Cup competitions.  No, we're not talking about football (known in the United States as soccer), hockey, or basketball.  Or even rugby.  We're talking Cricket.  The best in the world have gathered in the southern hemisphere of co-hosts Australia and New Zealand to battle for one of the most prestigious cups in all of sports.  The star so far has been no surprise.  Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka has willed his squad to a 3-2 record in Group A, a tough drawwhich included both host countries (resulting in losses) as well as traditional powerhouse England (a narrow win, sending England home).  Sri Lanka is already advancing with a manageable final game.  Sangakkara leads the World Cup with 372 runs, including a 124 average.  The next closest average is a paltry 87.66.  The Sri Lanka "Lions" will be a team nobody wants to play, as long as the World's best player Sangakkara is on their side.

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