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Monday, August 29, 2016

Sportsman of the Week Ending 8/28/2016

Babe Ruth's career slightly predated this Blog (and all Blogs, and the internet, and even televised baseball games.  But the latest New York Yankees hitting prospect is drawing comparisons, and it's completely justified given his numbers.  Catcher Gary Sanchez was the start of the Yankees youth movement, in many ways hastening the retirement of Alex Rodriguez.  Since his call up on August 3, Sanchez has been torrid.  Eleven home runs in 21 games.  Team is 12-9 over that span, thrusting them back into the American League Wild Card discussion.  For this week, Sanchez was 5 HR in 6 games (he's not slowing down), 12-23 (8 of the 12 hits for extra bases), slugging 1.304.  As Mark Teixeira said, teams would walk Sanchez to get to Babe Ruth at this point.  And he's right.  Gary Sanchez is our Longhorndave Sportsman of the Week!

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