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Monday, June 8, 2020

Sportswoman of the Week Ending 6/7/2020

It's clear who the greatest MMA female fighter of all time is.  And she might be the best fighter of all time regardless of gender.  Amanda Nunes once again showed why she is the standard when it comes to MMA in defending her UFC women's featherweight title to keep both of her belts (the other being bantamweight).  She beats all comers, this time Canadian upstart Felicia Spencer who courageously took Nunes the full five rounds but was no where close on points (did not win a round).  Nunes pieces together style and strength in dismantling her opponents either strategically or by brute force.  It was the Brazilian Lioness's 11th straight win and probably more to come.  Overall 20-4, note her first bout was a loss and no losses since 2014.  It's going to take a special talent to beat 32 year-old Nunes and she is a deserving Sportswoman of the Week!


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