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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 2 Upset Specials

Well I took a bath the first week, luckily I'm rich, I'll just sell a few more barrels of oil to pay the piper.  But let's move on to Week 2, I'm sure to improve.  Or else I just let John Ross start picking.  This week's new features, showing the spread AND money line, then my score will be based upon cash-ola.  $1G per pick, keeping it small.  But without further ado, here are the upsets of the week (must be a TD or more 'dog, picks are straight up.

Season:-$3,000, 0-3

Pick #1
Penn State (+325, +9.5) at Virginia
Typical overreaction to a Week 1 result.  Penn State had so much to deal with off the field, no wonder they tired in the 2nd half.  And Ohio isn't bad.  The Wahoos waltzed over FCS fodder, so we don't know if they're good.

Pick #2
Oregon State (+230, +7) vs. Wisconsin
Wisconsin looked off last week vs. FCS fodder, strong possibility they make a leap this week in improvement.  But on the road in Corvallis seems dangerous, the Beavers got an unexpected Bye last week due to Isaac

Pick #3
UTEP (+270, +8.5) vs. Ole Miss
Now I will overreact to Week 1, UTEP held OU in check (unlike their big brother UT Austin last year) while Ole Miss is rebuilding with a capital "R", allowing Central Arkansas to put up 27 points last week.  Throw in that Ole Miss might be looking forward to the Longhorns next week, watch out for the Miners.

So let's put on our big boy boots, reboot, and nail a couple games this week!

****Post Mortem Review****
Picked up some green with a win with Oregon State. One win pretty much floats the week, oh so close to two with the Nittany Lions (if they could just kick field goals, dammit).  So picked up $2300 in winnings, $2000 in losses, now -$2700 on the season...

Trend definitely developing here, two of my picks have been spread coverers each week, with one complete botchery.  This week's botchery were the Rebels in Oxford, if you're going to go down swinging, make sure it's in a fun college town.

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