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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 4 Upset specials

I missed last week, got called out on Tuesday to go do some arm twistin', darn politicians are trying to restrict drilling in the Gulf.  Not acceptable for Ewing Enterprises.

Made a slight recovery on Week 2 by hitting Oregon State over Wisconsin.  The cheese is smelly up there this year, I don't know why.

Season -$2700, 1-5

Pick #1
Kansas (+275, +9) at Northern Illinois
NIU was a darling of mine Week 1, coming oh so close to cashing in against Iowa (given 10 points). Now THEY'RE giving 10 points? Kansas is going to be a team that gets better week to week, after the loss to Rice, they were competitive against TCU, this isn't as formidable opponent.

Pick #2
Oregon State (+250, +7.5) at UCLA
Going to double down on the Beavers, not convinced UCLA is as polished as people think.  Oregon State has just had 1 game, for better or for worse, but it was a big win.

Pick #3
Kansas State (+425, +14) at Oklahoma
I don't feel like we know how good OU is. They may not be that good. KSU may be very good.  Or the opposite might be true. But a juicy money line here is too much to pass up, OU could stumble at home (admittedly for only like the 4th time in Bob Stoops reign, but still).

Just need to hit 2 of these and I'll be swimming in cash.  Shiner beer for everyone!


  1. I think I read that, under Stoops, ou has only lost 1 game to ranked opponents at home. Their average margin of victory in the wins is in double digits. If that stat is true... whoa.

  2. Losses as I recall are Oklahoma State 2001, Texas Tech 2011, and TCU 2005 (I think). All were severe underdogs.