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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

College Football Picks - 9/19/2015

I'm a gambling man
Another college football season has started and I am back to give you weekly winners.  I would post my final results from last year, but the bankrupcy court took all the evidence during the proceedings.  Brutal.

Last year I went for only TD (ish) underdogs straight up.  Feast or famine.  I'm still hungry.

Back to a traditional approach.  I take the ENTIRE college football Saturday slate.  And give you the top 5 winners.  Five gives you a win/loss every week.  Betting $110 to win $100.  If I find a juicy S/U or over/under bet I'll give you that, too.  But back to basics.

So I'm starting the week at +$80.  Why you ask.  Well read this tweet and weep.

Winners: OU, MissSt, Iowa
Losers: UT, UGA

So what about this week?

Winnings last week: $80 (3-2)
Winnings to date: $80 (3-2, 15% profit)

Duke (-3.5) vs. Northwestern (11:30 am CDT)

I'll be honest, this is a feel pick.  I have KILLED it over the years betting on Duke.  Northwestern has some swag for beating Stanford, but I love the Blue Devils offense and don't like Northwestern away from home.  A TD is an easy win.

Nebraska (+3.5) at Miami (2:30 pm CDT)

Oh the historical games between these two in the 1980s and 1990s in the Orange Bowl.  But alas, both teams are trying to regain glory.  Nebraska took a gut punch week one vs. BYU, but it was feeling itself out.  This is a bit of an anti-Miami pick.  I'm just not sold they are going to turn the corner under Al Golden.  I'll take the points and play.

Texas (+6.5) vs. California (6:30 CDT)

I am a Longhorns fan, which gives me bias and gives me insight.  I don't think we know who the Longhorns are yet.  They have some talent on the field that is still figuring it out.  The Notre Dame game was an abomination but just one data point.  The game has uncertainty as Cal upgrades in competition.  It could go either way, but I see the Longhorns winning this one at home.

Iowa (-3) vs. Pittsburgh (7:00 CDT)

Iowa is playing some good football off the win vs. rival Iowa State.  And is at home.  Against a Pittsburgh team that lost their all-ACC RB.  Why is this just -3?  Under the lights, for whatever that is worth, I'll take the Hawkeyes (as I did last week) to win this by more than that.

Alabama (-6.5) vs. Ole Miss (8:15 pm CDT) - Pick of the Week

I like the revenge factor and Alabama playing with hunger in a big game at home.  At night.  I really am down on Ole Miss.  I know they put up points, but that was against two or three levels of competition below the Tide.  I don't see this within 14 points let alone 6.5.  Sucker bet.

So place your bets people.  See you next week!

- JR Ewing

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