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Friday, September 25, 2015

College Football Picks - 9/26/2015

This week, you can kiss my a**
Last week was like kissing my sister, with a 2-2-1 performance.  The sister kiss was made a bit worse by missing the pick of the week (Alabama).  But I didn't lose South Fork yet, so we press on.

Winnings last week: -$20 (2-2-1)
Winnings to date: $60 (5-4-1, 5.4% profit)

All times Dallas time...

Bowling Green (-4.5) at Purdue (11:00 am CDT)

The difference between the elite in the MAC and the dregs of the Big 10 is that the elite of the MAC are better.  Both teams are 1-2 playing a pretty difficult schedule so far, but BGSU has a more quality win (over a Big 10 dreg Maryland).  Maryland is better than Purdue.  The Falcons win this one and it's not an upset.

Maryland (+16.5) at West Virginia (2:00 pm CDT)

Maryland is bad, but it's not like they're playing TCU or Baylor from the Big 12.  West Virginia isn't ranked, it's just way too many points.  This game has played close in the past, I don't see that the Mountaineers are going to beat the Terps this bad.

TCU (-6) at Texas Tech (3:45 pm CDT) - Pick of the Week

Everyone is high on the Raiders BUT let's remember that Arkansas team lost the week before at home to Toledo.  TCU hasn't had a good offseason in terms of player attrition but they are still the better team here.  Tech also might have a let down week, seems like a Frogs win by 7 would be expected, maybe more.

Washington (+3) vs. California (4:00 pm CDT)

A very evenly matched game in the Pac 12 is ripe for the apple picking (for Washington) or grape picking (for Cal).  I pick apples.  California won a wild shootout in Texas last week, you wonder how much that took out of their team.  And their defense didn't look good.  Washington took a tough loss to a good Boise team, they should handle the Bears at home.

Arizona (+2.5) vs. California-Los Angeles (7:00 pm CDT)

There are three intriguing Pac 12 games in prime time with road favored teams, this is one of them. Arizona under Rich Rodriguez has improved immensely.  It seems like every year UCLA is ranked pretty high then loses some games early. I like the home team in an early season "upset" (mild as it may be).

May the gambling gods be on your side, with no late scores to ruin a perfectly picked point spread!

- JR Ewing

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