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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

College Football Picks - 11/28/2015

Let's face it, I know oil. Not football
The college football season is winding down and I got news for you. I'm going to lose money on the deal. That's why I'm not a professional gambler, but rather an oil baron. Nevertheless, we press on with our picks because sometimes I go 5-0 and you'll feel like you missed out. Unfortunately, 2-3 seems like the usual outcome just like last week.

Winnings 11/21: -130 (2-3)
Winnings to date: -$980 (21-28-1, 18% loss)

Texas (-1.5) vs. Texas Tech (Thursday 6:30 pm CDT)

Texas at home has been pretty good covering against decent teams (Cal, Oklahoma State, Kansas State).  After laying a dud in West Virginia and a bye week, the Horns rally at home to try and salvage a bowl bid.

Navy (+1) at Houston (Friday 11:00 am CDT)

Houston was an easy ride to ATS victory early in the year, but injuries at their critical QB position has led to close wins and finally a bad loss last week.  Navy comes in very hot with just that one loss to Notre Dame.  The ground attack will keep the Cougar air raid at bay and the Midshipmen emerge victorious.

Ohio State (+1) at Michigan (11:00 am CDT)

You have to like getting any points with the Buckeyes.  After a dud at home against Michigan State, the team will either be hungry or fold.  I think hungry.  No better chance to wash that bad taste out than beat the hated Wolverines.  They've done it 10 of the last 11 years, and 12 out of 14.  No reason to think Michigan gained that much ground on the defending National Champions.

Wisconsin (-2.5) at Minnesota (2:30 pm CDT) - Pick of the Week

Wisconsin has three losses.  Two of their losses were to teams currently in the top 4 of the playoffs.  Minnesota has one win since October 10.  I don't see the Gophers staying with the more talented and underrated Badgers even as they try and win one for their retiring Coach Kill.

Oklahoma (-6.5) at Oklahoma State (7:00 pm CDT)

You might look at a rivalry game on the road between similar teams and think that a TD is too much for the visitor.  Oklahoma State doesn't seem to be playing their best football and Oklahoma does.  To the winner goes a good chance to win the Big 12 and make the college football playoff, look for Stoops to have his team ready for a 7-13 point win.

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