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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sportsmen of the Week Ending 6/19/2016

I promise I don't plan to make a habit out of this, but there were two good sports stories this week that were too incredible to ignore.  For the third time in blog history (first | second) I present co-Sportsmen of the Week

The label "best player without a major" can at best haunt a golfer for years (Phil Mickelson), at worst, haunt them for life (Greg Norman).  Dustin Johnson was in the "years" category as his tools seemed to inevitably place him on the path to greatness.  And it has, but after some detours.  After a much publicized suspension from the tour, he has returned and contended among the top golfers.  And at the 116th United States Open, he busted through. I'll spare a blog about the odd penalty shot ruling, and just focus on the fact that down the stretch, he was going pars and birdies, while the nearest contenders were going bogeys or worse.  A year after coming up short to one of the great sports stories of 2015 in Jordan Spieth, Johnson claimed his major.  And it is not likely to be his last.

LeBron James is used to doing things that they say can't be done.  Given up for dead after losing three of the first four games of the NBA finals by double digits, the Cleveland Cavaliers rallied behind their superstar.  And he delivered.  In the three games of the week all won by the Cavs, James scored 109 points, 35 rebounds, and 29 assists.  Rounding up, that's averaging a triple double.  He also added nine blocks and nine steals.  The Golden State Warriors had no answers to him walking into their arena and walking out with their trophy.  It's James third nod as Sportsman of the Week, but his first since 2013.

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