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Saturday, January 21, 2017

2016-17 NFL Conference Championship Playoff Preview

Not a good week for my
Cowboys or my bank account

An entertaining Divisional Playoff Weekend saw J.R. Ewing and Bulldog Babe (@bulldogbabexo) go 3-1 straight up, missing only the Packers who onw on a wild finish in Dallas.  Both correctly picked the Steelers mild upset of the Chiefs (much to Bulldog Babe's pleasure).

As for other props, not so good for J.R. Ewing
Total coming into week: $570
Straight Up (3-1): +100
ATS (2-2): -$20
O/U (0-4): -$440
Weekly Total: -$360
Total through two weeks: $210

This assumes a $110 bet to win $100 on 50/50 props, S/U has $100 on underdogs, money line to win $100 on favorites.

Bulldog Babe an impressive 6-2 so far
straight up and 3-1 last week ATS
The Steelers and Packers look to continue their miracle playoff runs.  Would you believe that these four teams are on a summed 30 game winning streak?  Just check out their last losses

Green Bay: 11/20
Atlanta: 12/4
Pittsburgh: 11/13
New England: 11/13

So the big question everyone is wanting to know is how Bulldog Babe thinks her Steelers will do.  And will either J.R. or Bulldog Babe go with the red hot Packers?

Lines and spreads are from CappedIn.com, a great website to track picks and play along for fun.  Amazing how up to date data they have (with very informed members).

January 22, 2017: 15:05 EST
Green Bay Packers  (+6, +204) at Atlanta Falcons (-6, -204) O/U 60

Green Bay Packers  (12-6)
Last eight games: 8-0
Road: 5-4
Against Playoff teams: 7-2 (2-1 on road)
Key Injuries: Jordy Nelson (doubtful)

Atlanta Falcons (12-5)
Last seven games: 6-1
Home: 6-3
Against Playoff teams: 3-2 (2-1 at home)
Key Injuries: None

Previous matchup (@Atlanta): Falcons 33, Packers 32.

J.R. Ewing prediction
It's getting hard to bet against Aaron Rodgers, he seems to be feeling it.  I've doubted in the past due to injuries but that continues to not slow down the Pack.  The Falcons demolishing of the Seahawks was maybe the most impressive team last weekend (Patriots big win was expected).  Matt Ryan won the MVP, Rodgers maybe thinks he should have won it.  I feel a Packers upset in thrilling fashion just like last week.  Take the earlier score and give the Pack an extra FG

Final Prediction: Packers 35 Falcons 33.

Bulldog Babe prediction:
This NFC Championship matchup is a great one, with two great teams. Packers had an absolutely outstanding win last weekend, which knocked Dallas out of the playoffs. Falcons had a great win against the Seahawks last weekend, which eliminated Seattle from the playoffs. This is a hard one to predict honestly. Both teams have worked hard to get to this point and there are no other teams more deserving. I believe that Atlanta having home field advantage will motivate them to do well. While Green Bay will dominate early, Atlanta will come through and score their Super Bowl berth in a close game.

Final Prediction: Falcons 28 Packers 21.

January 22, 2017: 18:40 EST
Pittsburgh Steelers  (+6, +231) at New England (-6, -231) O/U 50

Pittsburgh Steelers  (13-5)
Last nine games: 9-0
Road: 6-3
Against Playoff teams: 4-3 (1-1 on road)
Key Injuries: None

New England (15-2)
Last eight games: 8-0
Home: 8-1
Against Playoff teams: 5-1 (3-1 at home)
Key Injuries: Rob Gronkowski (out)

Previous matchup (@Pittsburgh): Patriots 27, Steelers 16.

J.R. Ewing prediction
The Steelers won, but seemed to sputter more on offense than expected with nary a TD in their Divisional round win over the Kansas City Chiefs.  Field Goals won't beat the Patriots (and this is a better defense).  Meanwhile some analysts thought the Patriots looked sluggish against the Texans.  Mind you they covered one of the largest spreads in playoff history.  We should all struggle so much.  The Patriots machine is too much for the killer B's (Ben, Bell, and Brown) and they advance to the Super Bowl.

Final Prediction: Patriots 28 Steelers 20.

Bulldog Babe prediction:
This AFC Championship consists of two of the best quarterbacks in the league, Ben Roethilsberger and Tom Brady. So this will be a showdown that everyone needs to watch. I feel like this is going to be an up and down game. I was not impressed with the Patriots last weekend especially considering it was their first game after a bye week and they were very rusty and sloppy. While I think that Brady is going to have a great night, I also feel like Big Ben and the Steelers have just a bit more momentum than the Patriots do. Why? The Steelers are on a nine game win streak and they have fate on their side. They are motivated and ready to get back to the Super Bowl. They have not been their best on the road, especially in New England (0-3), but like I said, they are a second half team so they will show up and win. I have Pittsburgh taking this one and going to Houston to get their shot at the Lombardi.

Final Prediction: Steelers 24 Patriots 17.

So there you have it, J.R. and Bulldog Babe disagree on both games?  Who will be correct?  Tune in Sunday afternoon to find out!

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