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Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 6 Upset Specials

Arrrgh, I took a bath last week. Shut out in 4 games ($3,100 down the tubes), only sniffing something with the Wisconsin good showing. It happens. I will say my Ole Miss (for the money line) wasn't bad. But we move ahead.

Season -$50, 3-10

Pick #1
Arizona (+9.5, +290) at Stanford
I don't think we know if Stanford is steady after the loss of Luck. Arizona has lost to some good ranked teams, but looks gritty. The Pac 12 has been wacky this year, anything can happen!

Pick #2
West Virginia (+7, +235) at Texas
These teams have demonstrated all offense, no defense. More faith in the more experienced West Virginia offense than the Texas burgeoning offense. Home field might be neutralized with all the scoring. Toss up game, gotta jump on the money line.

Pick #3
New Mexico State (+9.5, +310) at Idaho
Idaho is winless this year, only won 2 games last year. Who knows if they know how to win. They lost by 66 last week. This is another toss up game, who knows who ends where, I'll take the Aggies with that money line juice.

Was tempted by TCU and their drunken QB to not win vs. Iowa State, but shied away. Gotta hit one of these to get back to the green!

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