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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 7-8 Upset Specials

I got tied up in board meetings last week, it gets tough making as much dough as I do.

In Week 6, I cleared West Virginia over Texas straight up, adding $350 to my total (after subtracting the other two losses).  So I sat at $300 coming into Week 7.

For Week 7 I'll spare you the details, but I picked (straight up) Miami, Utah, and Louisiana Tech.  All covered, but none won.  So -$3,000 from last week's total puts me at -$2,700.  And 4-15 total.  This isn't going well.

But this is a new week, and all I need is to hit one a few weeks in a row and I'm in the money.

Pick #1
Michigan State (+10, +300) at Michigan
State has dominated this series.  Michigan has beat up on bad teams, but not won a quality game.  State has had nothing but quality games.  Too juicy of a money line to pass up.

Pick #2
New Mexico (+10.5, +315) at Air Force
There's going to be a lot of running this game.  A lot.  Which makes things even.  Air Force has some non-quality losses (Navy, UNLV) while New Mexico has more wins overall, and losses to ranked teams like Texas, Texas Tech, and Boise State.  A lot of money on that line, going with it.

Pick #3
Baylor (+11, +325) at Texas
This one is personal. Texas defense really looks inept, I mean really.  It's going to be a track meet, so either team can win.  And you're going to give me 3:1 on the Bears.  I'm taking it.

Back in the saddle, baby, I think this is a week I hit 2 of 3 and turn this ship around!

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  1. Another rough week for JR, keeps covering spreads but not winning games...