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Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 14 Upset Specials

At this point, the word "special" is starting to lose meaning.  Another shut out last week.  A tough week, with the passing of the actor who played me so brilliantly in the 80's.  One game went to OT, shockingly I lost.  Again.  The other two weren't even close.  So I'm down $12,750 for the season.  I just didn't get mojo going late in the year.  It happens.  I conclude this column with three more picks, who knows if I'll win, there weren't that many teams to pick from, I'm chasing lost money with bad money.  But I persist!

Georgia (+8.5, +260) vs. Alabama
I think Alabama is a little overrated, they really only beat LSU (barely) as far as good ranked teams.  Turns out the East was a beast this year in the SEC and Georgia won the battle royal with a lot of impressive wins.  Neither of these teams played the best from the other division (some calling shenanigans) but I think it's closer to a 3-4 point game than the TD+.  Go Dawgs!

South Florida (+7, +248) vs. Pittsburgh
The Big East has been ridiculous with upsets.  It's called parity, and when a team from the cold mid-atlantic goes to sunny Florida in a game they really don't have much at stake in, I might take the team from Florida.  In fact, I will!

Texas (+10.5, +315) at Kansas State
For some reason, Texas responds well after bad losses.  The fan base gives up (I can speak from personal experience) and then suddenly they pull things together.  Kansas State has had 2 weeks to stew over their loss, their confidence is broken and there is something to play for, but not as much as 2 weeks ago.  Texas has nothing to lose, nobody thinks they'll win.  So they just might!

For my own sake, I'm going to wipe the slate clean after this and have some bowl props for you, format TBD.  But it's been a fun season!

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