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Monday, October 10, 2016

Sportsman of the Week Ending 10/9/2016

College Football is full of upsets, but one thing you can usually lean on is that both teams get all the top recruits and it just so happened that the perceived lower talented team put it all together for a win.  Service academies are a different lot.  This week, the United States Naval Academy did what few thought they could in defeating a Top 6 opponent that many had tagged for a strong playoff contender.  Two key plays to cement the surprising result was Josiah Powell receptions.  However, Powell is not a wide receiver, he plays on defense as a linebacker.  And the receptions were from Heisman hopeful Greg Ward Jr, the quarterback of the Houston Cougars.  The most critical was in the 3rd quarter with Navy clinging to a 6 point lead and he returned the offering for a TD.  Houston went from tied at halftime, to traling by 14 5 minutes into the third quarter.  The other was important in stopping the Cougars in Navy territory just before halftime.  Instead of trailing by 10 had the Cougars scored, Navy tied it up to the locker room.  Game changing performances by unexpected sources, that's what our Sportsman of the Week is about!

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