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Friday, September 5, 2014

College Football 2014 - Week Two Picks

It wasn't the best week for J.R. Ewing last week.  Luckily my oil interests can cover me.  I finished 2-3 ATS and 0-1 on my longshot dog straight up.  So that's -$230 ($110 on ATS games, $100 on the dog).  But undeterred I learned last week and this week's picks are can't miss.

Season total: -$230 (-38%)

Kansas State (-12) at Iowa State
Iowa State is not good.  And they lost their best lineman this week.  Bill Snyder is a great coach, always gets his team up on the road.  They are ranked against one of the worst teams in FBS.  This should be 22 and I'd still take the Cats.

Northern Illinois (+6.5) at Northwestern
Northwestern laid a dud at Cal last week.  Cal is rebuilding.  Northern Illinois has been the class of the MAC for a few years, even BCS crash potential (with previous QB).  But NIU can cover the 6.5 points.

Vanderbilt (+19.5) vs. Ole Miss
Is Ole Miss really a near 3 TD favorite in an SEC road game?  Is Vandy that bad (horrible loss to Temple).  I'm betting that Vandy bounces back now that they realize they have to buck up, and Ole Miss isn't really that good (struggled to put away Boise, never looked good). Give me the points!

Michigan State (+13.5) at Oregon
Sparty won the Rose Bowl last year.  That means they were the best team in the Big 10 or Pac 10.  Oregon looks so good, but hasn't played the same since Chip Kelly left (Alamo Bowl last year.  Alamo).  I'm not saying State is going to win, but they'll keep it close.  Easy cover.

Ohio State (-12) vs. Virginia Tech
Fans are down on Ohio State after an unimpressive win vs. Navy (BTW, they were close to a cover).  Virginia Tech has never been the same since the mid-2000s.  Just lackluster.  The horseshoe and Urban Meyer has them covering two TDs easy.

Straight up special
Northern Illinois (+230) at Northwestern
See above, I see a win here for the Huskies in Evanston.  Northwestern just hasn't showed me much.  NIU is always good.  Worth the gamble!

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