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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sportsman of the Week Ending 11/1/2017

Special edition this week, we extended the Sportsman of the Week to include all the World Series.  And we have an obvious winner.  The Houston Astros secured their first World Series championship behind their lead off hitter.  But it wasn't walks or stolen bases that got his team going.  It was home runs.  After a disastrous World Series opener (0-4, 4K, it was against Clayton Kershaw), George Springer set the pace for the Astros.  Over the final six games, he hit 5 HR (record), 3 2B, and also walked 5 times.  He ended the series batting .379 (in what was a low hitting series, other than Springer, only Evan Gattis and Joc Pederson hit over .300 with 10 AB or mor,e and both teams hit .230 or lower).  Houston, you have a title.  And a Sportsman of the Week!

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