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Monday, September 27, 2021

Sportsman of the Week Ending 9/26/2021

Sixty six.  66.  Sesenta y seis.  A number never before breached by a field goal kicker.  On a successful Field Goal at least.  Until Sunday.  What appears to be the best kicker of at least this generation or maybe ever, Baltimore Ravens uber-leg Justin Tucker both wowed the entire NFL fan population and punched another hole in the Detroit Lions gut by kicking the longest field goal in NFL history.  A record that may not ever be broken.  With three seconds left after the heavily favored Ravens converted a near impossible fourth and 19, they found themselves with no choice but to send out Tucker to convert a record 66-yard FG to win 19-17.  Mind you, in his career, he'd only converted one of five from 60+ yards.  Make it two of six.  Note the other was also against the Lions, also as time expired, also a 2 point win.  Tucker cemented his legacy with a highlight for generations and a record for maybe ever.

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