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Thursday, October 26, 2017

College Football Picks - 2017 Week Nine

Thank goodness I have oil money
Can you say perfection?  Bulldog Babe nailed 5-0 straight up AND 5-0 Against the Spread in Week 8.  She's on fire folks!  JR meanwhile may need to sell off some oil land to pay off his debts.  Not so good, Al.  Still a good chunk of season left and overall, our experts are well over .500 in all categories.  Bulldog Babe is an amazing 28-12 ATS.  28-12 people!!!!

So now our weekly take on last week and this week, in five bullets:

1) The Big 10 has all of one win against a currently ranked team.  One.  It was Iowa over Iowa State (H/T to Shehan Jeyarajh).  I still think the conference lacks depth and a mediocre team can go 10-2.
2) Let's not let the SEC off the hook.  Two really really good teams, then you have to go down to number 19.  Hard to see Georgia and Alabama not making the SEC title game.
3) Is Notre Dame football back? People are starting playoff talk (which I know Bulldog Babe notes that they shall always remain in line behind Georgia).
4) Iowa State's strong season may put Oklahoma back in the playoff conversation.  If they can win the Big 12 at 11-1, hard to see them out.
5) Ohio State and Penn State should be a great game.  Nice that it's mid-afternoon instead of night.  In fact all the games we pick this week are prior to prime time (might be some World Series avoidance).  I enjoy the mid-afternoon time slot for the best games.  Sun setting over the edge of the stadium in the second half, time to unwind after and not be up past midnight.

Call me Miss Perfection!
This blog will typically pick five games, including the Texas Longhorns and Georgia Bulldogs by default (unless bad matchups).  We try and go for one game in each of the Power 5 conferences, sometimes skipping one that might not have a marquee.  For each week's games, we give you final scores, so you can do your own ATS and S/U comparison. This week Georgia has Florida in the World's Largest Cocktail Party while Texas plays winless, but dangerous, Baylor.

Our two analysts are J.R. Ewing, Texas Longhorns fan and general loud mouth.  And we feature big time Georgia Bulldog fan Bulldog Babe (BDB) (@bulldogbabexo).

Last week
JR: 1-3 S/U, 2-2 ATS
BDB: 5-0 S/U, 5-0 ATS

Season to date:
JR: 23-16 S/U, 22-17 ATS
BDB: 29-11 S/U, 28-12 ATS

Last week BDB had Louisville and Memphis upsets, then Oklahoma State, Penn State, and Notre Dame winning and covering.  JR just got an Oklahoma State win, and Louisville/Texas covers.

Spreads are from a great pick site, Capped Sports

Game 1: Texas (-9) at Baylor (Noon EDT)

JR Ewing:
Baylor is winless this year, so it's easy to simply pencil in a tough Texas team and move on.  I think not so fast.  Baylor hung really tough against a ranked West Virginia team last week.  Texas took Oklahoma State to the end but lost (third loss against a Top 10 team).  I think Baylor make this their signature win.  Hard for me to gulp, but I see a Baylor win
Baylor 24, Texas 21

Bulldog Babe: 
Texas and Baylor is a battle of the Texas teams. Baylor is off to its worst start to date, 0-7 on the season. You think it’d be an easy win for the Longhorns and I will have to agree. Baylor has been very disappointing and they haven’t lived up to expectations. Texas wins it in a blowout.
Texas 44, Baylor 3

Game 2: Oklahoma State (-7) at West Virginia (Noon EDT)

JR Ewing:
This line seems fishy. Oklahoma State had to pull out a win in overtime at Texas, now going to a better team in West Virginia late.  Meanwhile as mentioned before, West Virginia was tested by Baylor last week, but has a good team.  At home, I like West Virginia behind a good home crowd. 
West Virginia 34, Oklahoma State 31

Bulldog Babe:
Oklahoma State and West Virginia is a Top 25 matchup, with both teams having their own strengths and impressive talent to show for their poll rankings. I think Oklahoma State is the stronger team, they have a strong offensive line and a stellar quarterback in Mason Rudolph. They will win in Morgantown this weekend.
Oklahoma State 33, West Virginia 19

Game 3: Georgia (-13.5) vs Florida (3:30 EDT) - Jacksonville

JR Ewing:
I've been on a "always pick Georgia" kick all season, but backed off a couple of weeks ago in a trap game against Missouri.  Florida will have all their attention, and after a bye week, Georgia has all it's weapons.  Florida is in a tail spin.  No way this is close.
Georgia 34, Florida 13

Bulldog Babe:
Georgia and Florida will be the best matchup of the weekend, by far. One nasty bitter rivalry that has shown its fair share of twists and turns. Florida is on a three game win steak against Georgia, but I think that will be broken this weekend. I know what Florida players have said already, but that trash talk will come back to bite them on Saturday. Georgia will come out and completely dominate Florida and wear them down.
Georgia 33, Florida 20

Game 4: Penn State (+6.5) at Ohio State (3:30 p.m. EDT)

JR Ewing:
A rare Big 10 elite team matchup.  Only about 3 or 4 this year.  Ohio State is out for revenge against the Big 10 Champions.  Penn State wants to know why they were left out of the playoff despite having beat Ohio State last year.  I've been impressed with Nittany, and they win on the road.
Penn State 27, Ohio State 24

Bulldog Babe:
Penn State and Ohio State is the one game Georgia fans like me will be watching this weekend, considering Penn State is ranked #2 and the CFB Media has Georgia matched up with Ohio State in the CFB playoff. I think Ohio State has proven they’re legitimate playoff contenders and they will beat Penn State this weekend, in a close game. 
Ohio State 30, Penn State 27

Game 5: North Carolina State (+7) at Notre Dame (3:30 p.m. EDT) 

JR Ewing:
North Carolina State has come out of nowhere to be in the ACC title race.  As mentioned earlier, Notre Dame is on a roll since the razor thin Georgia loss (which looks good the way Georgia has played).  I think the Irish win, and they do it by 7 points.  So this is a no-play on the spread.
Notre Dame 27, North Carolina State 20

Bulldog Babe:
NC State and Notre Dame, I predict, will be another blowout. NC State isn’t a strong enough team to compete with Notre Dame’s mobility and strength. Easy win for the Irish.
Notre Dame 44, North Carolina State 17

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

- JR and BDB

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