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Thursday, November 24, 2016

J.R. Ewing College Football Picks: 11/26/2016

I like rivalry week!  Big winners forecasted!
Early season winnings keep whittling away as another 2-3 week eats into profits.  Still ahead for the season and this with the house take.  Two weeks of picking left (before the Bowl pick special).  Here's how we stack up.

Previous Week: 2-3 (-130)
Season: 31-27-2 (+$130, 2.2% profit)

There's some very curious lines this week that we'll take advantage of.  Gonna push up the profits just in time for the holidays!

Michigan (+6.5) at Ohio State (Noon EST)

Both of these teams are talented, both have had lapses where they lost, I see it as an even matchup.  At Ohio State I give them a field goal, not necessarily a touchdown.  Throw in a huge hunger by Michigan for losing this rivalry so much and I think they have an edge.  They might win straight up, but we'll take the points here.

Georgia (-4.5) vs Georgia Tech (Noon EST)

I guess Georgia Tech has won 4 of 5, but not against stellar competition (besides a surprise win over Virginia Tech).  Georgia is an improving team and historically handles the Jackets quite well.  The 4.5 points is almost as if it's seen as a push given the Dawgs are at home.  They win this by a TD, maybe two.

West Virginia (-7) at Iowa State (3:30 p.m. EST)

Just last week, West Virginia was playing a marquee game with an outside shot at the College Football Playoff.  An Iowa State was playing for their third win.  I get that this spread should be tight, but like 14 points tight, not a TD tight.  West Virginia has a plus QB and Iowa State still learning.  Seems like the Mountaineers take this by 10 at least.  Maybe 20.

Tennessee (-7.5) at Vanderbilt (7:30 p.m. EST)

Tennessee is playing for a New Years Bowl instead of a minor one.  And this is a rivarly.  The season has been disappointing for the Volunteers, but the talent is still there and Vanderbilt is overmatched.  Again, the 7.5 points seems too tight, I think 2 TD at least.

Florida State (-8) vs Florida (8:00 p.m. EST)

Florida State has three losses, two are to Clemson and Louisville, the other was flukeish to North Carolina.  Florida has battled in the SEC, but still has little offense to match up with the weapons in Tallahassee.  The game at Florida State makes it a tough win for Florida, who is looking forward to the SEC title game.  Seminoles by double digits.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend and rivalry week!  And may the gambling gods be with you!


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