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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Sportswoman of the Week Ending 1/23/2022

An all-time performance garners honors from someone you perhaps didn't know before this week.  Kansas State center Ayoka Lee scored 61 points in an impressive fashion in defeating the Oklahoma Sooners 94-65.  And this was no exhibition over a smaller, overmatched school.  The Sooners entered the game ranked number 14 but quickly found themselves down to the Wildcats 15-0 (with 12 of the 15 scored by Lee) and never recovered.  Lee added 12 rebounds, a steal, and three blocks to her impressive box score tally.  This was over 35 minutes of play, indeed almost scoring two points per minute is a feat that is difficult to match, especially since all her shots were inside the 3-point arc.  Lee demonstrated greatness and is our worthy Longhorndave Sportswoman of the Week!


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