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Monday, January 2, 2012

Almost a year

Unfortunately, I let this blog drop off my priority list in 2011, but rest assured, one of my 2012 resolutions is to revive it. I think part of my problem is having too many thoughts and the time to write them all was overwhelming. In that light, here are a few features I plan to roll out this year:

1) Shorter, quicker hitting entries. Most people don't want to read pages and pages of blabber anyway, so a few paragraphs will be the norm.
2) The "Sportsman" (or "Sportswoman") of the week. After the conclusion of action on Sunday, I will select an individual (or maybe a team) that represented what I liked about sports the last week. It may not be the player with the biggest stats or who won the big game, but someone who caught my attention. With focus on an "outside" entity, not someone you'd see on the headline of Sportscenter.
3) Revision and reposting of the "Best sports franchises". They take a while to assemble, but I thought was a unique look into the world of sports.
4) Continued focus on how sports are presented by the media.
5) No bias toward teams I like, and definitely no bias toward big market teams (I'd bet yesterday the sports analysts spent half their time talking about the Cowboys and Jets blowing the playoffs, and about none on Oakland or Tennessee.

That's all for now, stand by for the first "Sportsman of the Week".

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